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The Turkish Commercial Law Review

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a website for The Turkish Commercial Law Review, an independent English language print journal of legal scholarship aimed at those in the international business, legal and academic communities with an interest in Turkey as well as Turkish businesspersons, lawyers and academics whose work is international in its scope. The site must provide a platform for their online publication, intermittent news and updates, and one Volume (comprised of 3 Issues) of the Print journal each year. Must seamlessly archive and date articles with sorting and faceted search capabilities, citations, and both featured and popular articles, and be easy to update. Must combine the formal look of the Print journal with a clean, responsive design that is academic but not dated. 

SOLUTION: Build and customize a responsive Wordpress template to meet all editorial needs, including the ability to sort by Volume, Issue, tags and categories. Use UX Design expertise to provide a clear navigation between the online and print issues, while integrating both categories on the homepage with featured and popular sorting functions. Outfit the front end with custom fields to easily tag future articles with metadata.  Provide social sharing capabilities for all articles, as well as printable and downloadable PDFs and interactive footnotes. Equip the site for both mobile and tablets, with a sticky menubar and mobile menu. Organize and cleanly share all necessary information and online forms for future submissions.