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Let's face it, looks matter. Whether you're in search of a prospective donor or client, you need to follow best design practices to be both noticed and understood. We're founded on the simple philosophy that design needs to be considered now so you'll have a more consistent brand later. But, we get that it might not make sense to take on a huge branding project before you have the funds or knowledge of your brand to back it up. That's where we come in.

We'll give you industry-tailored tools to follow simple design practices now at a rate you can afford. (We can tackle the big branding stuff later.) It's time for smart design to meet smart business.

Spark by Incendiary Designs is a new way to learn (and approach) design for startups and nonprofits. We launched in August 2015 with a limited number of group education workshops. What does that mean?
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It looks like we don't have any open classes right now. Join our wait list and you'll be the first to find out about new classes. Not local to nyc? We'll be expanding to more locations and online classes soon. Sign up here for updates. 


Since both industries present specific challenges, separate, specialized classes are held for nonprofits/social good orgs and startups. Here's a little preview of what you'll learn to do. 

  • Apply UX Design principles to streamline your communications strategy.
  • Secure more foundation funding by more clearly displaying your work and goals online and in print.
  • Design a newsletter that grabs attention and drives action.
  • Keep your social media image consistent, and use analytical tools to clearly share your reach with your funders and individual donors. 
  • Make it easy to find that donate button, during your annual appeal and all year long. 
  • Learn about some free and inexpensive design tools and local orgs that help fund design for nonprofits. 
  • What is a "brand" these days anyway? Learn some key tips to keep your look and tone consistent from the beginning and as you grow. 
  • Make your campaigns seamless across digital, print, and social. 
  • Clearly show your audience (and investors) what you do and why they should be interested. 
  • Social media is more image driven than ever. Develop a consistent look for your posts. 
  • Apply UX design principles to your website or landing page to make those conversions foolproof.
  • Learn about some free and inexpensive design tools and how to approach hiring a designer when you're ready.  
Great, clear definitions.
I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I look forward to referring back to the great slides and now have more insight into the decisions that are made surrounding design, branding and UI/UX - its a fun world that I hope to dive into deeper.
I wish there was more time to cover each of the topics but I’m looking forward to the 3 hour class.
Best workshop [at our workspace] thus far! Thank you!

Kaitlin Archambault is a Brooklyn-based designer, creative director and visual artist interested in the social impact of visual communications. With experience in communications design, new media, and the nonprofit sector, Kaitlin founded Incendiary Designs in 2013 to create an earlier and more inclusive dialogue on design in business. Incendiary  went on to complete over 360 projects in its first year, with clients on 5 continents and counting! 

Before founding Incendiary, Kaitlin managed communications for The Futuro Media Group, producers of Latino USA on NPR and America By The Numbers on PBS (and went on to rebrand them both!) She is an actively exhibiting visual artist and has taught public art, screen-printing and zine-making workshops across the northeast. When not making or designing things, she enjoys hiking and powerlifting. She lives in Brooklyn with a big white dog named Osito and her pet tarantula Artemisia.