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"I Have A Dream" Foundation Print Collateral

Kaitlin Archambault

"Dreamers in Focus" Newsletter: As a part of the "I Have A Dream" Foundation brand refresh, we created an updated template for a newsletter geared towards middle school and high school "Dreamers" (students). 


Informational brochure: this updated brochure takes a clear and compelling look at key programming, need, and impact. 


NPR's Latino USA: Initial Refresh

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Work with a 20 year old brand to freshen up their image and promote new programming, all while retaining and working around the existing logo that they felt was outdated. 

SOLUTION: Focus on the geometric elements of the existing logo, using shape and typography to highlight a more contemporary feel. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Print, web, social media, and eblast elements for a national brand with a monthly combined broadcast and digital imprint of over a million

NPR's Latino USA: 1 Hour Expansion

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Work with a 20 year old national brand, Latino USA on NPR, to advertise their expansion from a half hour to an hour. 

SOLUTION: Create a virtual "listening party," inviting listeners and press across platforms to attend. The "listening party pack" included a link to a printable paperdoll in the likeness of the show's host, so listeners could listen to the premiere alongside her and tweet photos for a chance to win prizes like a custom temporary tattoo from the show. The pack also included food and drink recipes (chosen by staff contests,) and a link to a SoundCloud "moving sound" that documented the "guac-off."  

SCALE & IMPACT: Web, social media, PR and eblast elements for a national brand with a monthly combined broadcast and digital imprint of over a million. After the campaign, there was an increase in station carriage and over 108 press pickups of the program's expansion. 

Driver's Education Posters

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a series of posters to hang in driving school classrooms, to convey the range of services offered by the client

SOLUTION: use a bold collection of continuous images and type to form an interchangeable panorama, conveying the possibility of movement these driving education services provide  

SCALE & IMPACT: used in classrooms for the largest driving school in the Northeast, with over 70 locations. 

IAAB Brochure & Sell Sheets

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Work with Red Barn Consulting to develop a look for IAAB (Insurance Agency Accounting & Bookkeeping.) Steer clear of common accounting symbols (no calculators!) and deliver collateral that consistently communicates the brand to B2B clients. 

SOLUTION: Create a set of icons and tongue-in-cheek graphics that communicate directly to clients' pain points, skipping over dull corporate design stereotypes to create a look that is at once approachable, witty, and competent. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Distributed to prospective clients at trade shows and included in arsenal of marketing materials. 


Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Work with Red Barn Consulting to design a large scale popup ad for Founder's Insurance's Cyber Liability services for healthcare providers, as well as an accompanying template for handouts.  

SOLUTION: Design custom vector graphics to illustrate the risk of medical data breaches, maintaining a consistent color palate and fonts matching past work for Founder's Insurance. Complement the simple graphics with clean, strong copy. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Coming soon. 

All-Star Driver Business Driver Division Brochure

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a clean, easy to digest brochure that outlines the advantages and pain points addressed by All-Star Driver's new Business Driver Division without giving away too much up front. 

SOLUTION: Work with their marketing team to visually and conceptually divide copy into short, snappy explainers and highlight key facts. A quiz on the back of the brochure ties into the call to action and matches an interactive survey on their website. The result is simple, using only the strongest facts and leaving the focus on the call to action. Visually integrated with the followup presentation, templates, and website, also designed by Incendiary Designs. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Used as the first touchpoint in the B2B sales strategy of All-Star Driver's new Business Driver Division. All-Star Driver has over 70 locations throughout Connecticut, and was rated among the top 25 fastest growing education companies nationally by Inc. Magazine. 

9th Annual Harvard Women's Law Association Conference Collateral

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Create the look (including posters and program) for the 9th Annual Harvard Women's Law Association Conference. Must be clean and modern while still professional, without seeming too corporate.  

SOLUTION: Worked with the conference organizers to develop an editorial illustration that captures the theme of the conference, the overcoming of the glass ceiling. Used a consistent and clean combination of typefaces that still referenced back to their logo and tradition. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Posters were displayed throughout the Harvard campus, and programs were distributed to all conference guests and speakers—and very well received, if we can modestly say so ourselves! 

harvard wla for web-01.png

All-Star Driver Textbooks

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a clean, minimal driving textbook that incorporates All-Star Driver's existing logo and fonts. 

SOLUTION: Use a consistent black, white, and grey color scheme throughout. Add structure and interest within the simplicity by following a sharp vertical alignment.  Add a cool, savvy spin to a subject usually relegated to the design schemes of cartoons and vivid colors. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Distributed to teen students at over 70 locations throughout connecticut by a driving school rated among the top 25 fastest growing education companies nationally by Inc. Magazine. 

America By the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa: Clarkston, Georgia

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Create DVD packaging for a series pilot on PBS. The program did not have a logo or branding. 

SOLUTION: Work with screenshots and type from the documentary to reflect its characters and tone. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Distributed to press and at screenings across the country. The program saw a 30% increase in viewers in its timeslot.