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Driver's Education Posters

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a series of posters to hang in driving school classrooms, to convey the range of services offered by the client

SOLUTION: use a bold collection of continuous images and type to form an interchangeable panorama, conveying the possibility of movement these driving education services provide  

SCALE & IMPACT: used in classrooms for the largest driving school in the Northeast, with over 70 locations. 

All-Star Driver's Park Your Phone Drive Your Car Campaign

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design and brand a safe driving package to promote All-Star Driver's texting while driving awareness campaign, "Park Your Phone Drive Your Car"  

SOLUTION: Keeping within the existing All-Star Driver branding & color palette and in alignment with All-Star's other umbrella branding, create a hip, texting and social media-centered package that appeals to teen drivers.

SCALE & IMPACT: Thousands of packages delivered to high schools throughout Connecticut, and the movement is growing. What was initiated as a month long campaign is now ongoing, including larger distribution throughout the state and TV news coverage