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DESIGN CHALLENGE: Create a logo for Incredible Days, a business providing planned days of excitement and adventure for those interested in meeting new people and trying new activities. Geared towards adult professionals aged 18-34 with disposable income. The logo should capture the excitement, adventure, friendship and sense of exploration that Incredible Days provides.

SOLUTION: Combine illustration with type to create a logo that, while clean and modern, has an edge of fun, exploration, and adventure. Think outside the box to show what an “Incredible Day” can look like while accurately representing the types of activities involved.

SCALE & IMPACT: Coming soon. 



DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a new logo for an NPR distributed radio program that has expanded and revamped its sound after 20 years covering Latino news and culture.

SOLUTION: Latin@s exist in all sorts of styles and patterns. Latino USA reflects this in their show, and should reflect it in their branding, too. Why limit them to a single logo and pattern when one color does not fit all? This design, formed of a circle referencing the Futuro brand, features an interchangeable bottom pattern that is customizable for topic areas, special events, and even open to listener submissions down the line! A uniform brand image is maintained by the overall structure, font, and main color.

SCALE & IMPACT: re-imagined a national media brand. Featured in web, podcast, billboard, print, & more. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.44.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.44.15 PM.png
LUSA rebranding .jpg

America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa Branding 

DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a logo and style guide for documentary series America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa. The 8-episode series, produced by The Futuro Media Group and airing on PBS and World Channel, explores the stories behind America's quickly changing demographic landscape. The logo and connected design elements must reflect this, lend themselves to use in onscreen infographics, and look uniform alongside logos of production company The Futuro Media Group and its Latino USA brand. 

SOLUTION: use abstract human figures referencing those commonly used in demographic charts. Figures vary in color, reflecting the diversity among the numbers, while the uniform lines of figures can be used to mirror the American flag. The repeated dot pattern of the figures' heads can serve as a border or pattern while referencing the overall shape of the logo and its associated brands. Color palette pulls from those of Latino USA and the Futuro Media Group. 

SCALE & IMPACT: used nationally in print and digital promotions for a TV series aired by PBS and World Channel. (View some of the print collateral we designed here and here.) Created a brand that is helping to educate the masses on the cultural implications (and compelling stories) behind changing demographics in America. Watch the series on the PBS website, or check your local listings. 

abtn logo for web.png


DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a new logo for education consulting firm FutureMinds. Must be sophisticated and simple but not outdated, and appeal to both the 15-25 demographic and their parents.

SOLUTION: merge the F and M of FutureMinds in a way that is both classic and clean, avoiding stereotypical education symbols. 

SCALE & IMPACT: used by an international consulting firm based in London & Istanbul.

FutureMinds logo final-01.png

Agency University Logo 

DESIGN CHALLENGE: create a consistent brand for Agency University, an intensive training program for insurance agents, to be applied across print and digital platforms (see print here and web here.) Must be serious and collegiate in appearance but lend itself to more playful applications and color schemes.

SOLUTION: design a custom monogram seal in a regal color that can coexist with softer pastels and clean white backgrounds.  

SCALE & IMPACT: coming soon! 



DESIGN CHALLENGE: Using All-Star Driver's existing logo and branding, create a uniform look for their new Corporate training program, considering all aspects of external marketing, internal branding and curriculum. The design needs to be a cleaner, more corporate take on the existing brand.

SOLUTION: Consider the three main interfaces of the corporate program: sales & marketing (including pitches), instructional materials, and client tools. The client’s brand experience should flow seamlessly through all of these aspects. By approaching all of these areas at once and creating templates for all expected materials, both print and digital, the program has room to grow without the worry of running out of materials or interrupting consistency in branding. The resulting images use more minimal design and a refined take on the existing color palette to appeal to a corporate demographic. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Used to launch a new division of the largest driving school in the Northeast, with over 70 locations. 

All Star Corporate Logo Final orange -01.png
All Star Corporate Logo Final Green -01.png
All Star Corporate Branding.png

"Park your phone, drive your car" logo 

DESIGN CHALLENGE: design a logo as part of a larger print and social media campaign to create awareness of, and combat, texting while driving. Must integrate the existing All-Star Driver brand as well as its other divisions. Must appeal to teens and parents alike. 

SOLUTION: Pulling from All-Star Driver's color palette and the safe driving seatbelt from the Business Driver Division logo, create a clear and action-based image. The circle and seatbelt form a universal "no" symbol, in this case referring to texting while driving, while also conveying the action of securing your phone before driving. 

SCALE & IMPACT: Propelled a social movement, attracting media attention and growing from a month-long campaign into one with staying power and government interest.  



DESIGN CHALLENGE:  Create a logo for GrowStrong CrossFit, a no-machines gym primarily focused on lifting and targeting the whole body. Must appeal to a wide audience, ranging from mothers to young men, appealing to experienced lifters and not intimidating to those new to fitness. Must also fit in with the hip, local business driven, earthy, and outdoorsy community. 

SOLUTION: Appeal to the communal and earthy aspect of the community while also depicting the full-body approach to fitness by creating a logo that connects nature/nourishment with physical strength.

SCALE & IMPACT: Coming soon.