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"I Have A Dream" Foundation


"I Have A Dream" Foundation

Kaitlin Archambault

Design Challenge: Refresh a 35 year old national education nonprofit. Working with all 16 national affiliate leaders, staff, alumni, and the national board, lead the development and buy-in of a consistent National brand that more clearlyconveys the work of the organization, enhances brand recognition, and re-invigorates tone around issues of educational equity.

Solution: Work with National and Affiliate Staff, as well as pro bono advertising consultants SBC Advertising, to lead an analysisof key competitors and brand performance. Use findings to present recommendations to key stakeholders and share visual branding for three rounds of feedback with leadership, board, and national staff. Updated visual branding, alongwith new tagline, has stronger appeal with current students and alumni, and more clearly conveys the long-term impactof “I Have A Dream”’s work with low-income students from kindergarten through college. New branded collateralincludes easy to edit templates and tools to ease the transition of local affiliates into a unified national brand. 

Scale & Impact: Transformed a 35 year old brand, opening up possibilities for new national funders and partnerships, along with increasedname recognition. Increased social and web traffic by a factor of 10 along with higher traffic media placements, including aseries of billboards in Times Square.  

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