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Humanizing America


Humanizing America

Kaitlin Archambault

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Create social media and web friendly branding for a new online documentary series, published by NBC News. The branding should reference the dynamic nature of America’s shifting demographics, with a tech bit of a tech tilt, and work well on screen. 

SOLUTION: Use modular tiles that work well as an overlay onscreen and over promotional screengrabs. Subtly reference the U.S. map using color and placement, and use geometric, tech-nostalgic pattern to tie together their digital presence. The color palette and typography marries with a related podcast (coming soon!), and the branding overall fits with the production company’s other brands. 

SCALE & IMPACT: This new program is growing quickly, featured widely across NBC’s website and broadcast programs, as well as through promotions & interviews on MSNBC (including Melissa Harris-Perry) and the Diane Rehm show.